Combatting the Coronavirus Crisis with Our Car Cleanse Checklist

Combatting the Coronavirus Crisis with Our Car Cleanse Checklist

Germs– Be Gone! Because Ain’t NO Harris Auto BODY Got Time for That.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Coronavirus can live on a solid surface up to 4 days.

Spring cleaning has officially come early; and while disinfecting our belongings will not cure COVID-19, it will help prevent the spread of the virus within our community.

Here’s our Car Cleanse Checklist to disinfect your vehicle during the coronavirus crisis.

Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces to Eliminate Those Uninvited Free Riders (germs)!


Steering Wheel
This, of course, is a surface that is constantly touched in your vehicle, so it is important to wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe on a daily basis.


The Gear Shifter, Door Handles, Radio and Climate Control Knobs/Buttons, the Rearview Mirror and Cupholders
These surfaces should also be wiped down on a daily basis utilizing disinfectant wipes.


Leather Interior
If you have leather seating, look for specific, leather-friendly cleansing wipes to prevent any damage from cleaning.


Wipe down touchscreens using microfiber cloths.


Floor Mats
Relieve your floor mats by removing them and shaking them out well. Vacuum the interior of the vehicle.


The Trunk
The trunk can also accumulate unwanted germs and debris, so it is important to vacuum this area of your vehicle as well.


The Dashboards and Vents
The air vents on your dashboard could be circulating germs within your vehicle. Eliminate these germs by dusting off the vents with a foam paintbrush and wipe them over with a disinfectant wipe.


Lastly, don’t forget to wipe down your Key/Key FOB!

Items to Store in Your Vehicle to Maintain Car Cleanliness


A Box of Tissues
Keep tissues handy to encourage passengers to use them after sneezing.


A Small Trash Bag
Have a place to gather used tissues and unwanted items; but don’t forget to empty the bag daily!


Hand Sanitizer
Hand sanitizer will come into great use after pumping gas or getting back into your vehicle after running errands. This will help eliminate the germs prior to washing your hands when you arrive back home.


Disinfectant Wipes
To keep your car sanitized and clean, have disinfectant wipes readily available to wipe down high-touch surfaces on a daily basis.

It’ll take a village to fight off the coronavirus pandemic; but we can all do our part by taking preventive measures in order to provide our loved ones with a germ-free and safe environment – even within our vehicles.

Harris Auto Body is Opened!
While many businesses are closed during this crisis, auto body shops are deemed essential. So, if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact us today. We are always here to serve you; especially during the tough times of COVID-19.